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The Weller House

The Weller House

The Weller Log House is one of the oldest surviving homes in Union County

Marysville Drum

An Old Marysville Drum

Just another one of our items on display at the Union County Historical Society. Many more of these items are on display as well.

Old Woman

An Old Family Picture

An old picture of a woman who used to live in Union County.

An Old Car

An Old Car

A very old car from the early 1900's. It has been restored to its original condition to be put on display.

Our Research Facility

Our Research Facility

This is our Research facility where we keep all of our old documents that have been collected over the years.

Our Museum

Our Museum

This is our Museum which holds all of the items on display for you to come to view and enjoy. Schedule your visit with us today to take a look for yourself!

History Ohio

  • Visit Our Gallery for more images from UCHS.

  • An Old Telephone.

  • An Old Cabin in Marysville, OH.

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